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About YOTHA?

Make it possible for more owners and clients to live the successful experience of chartering luxury yachts

Founded in 2016, YOTHA is the first global online interactive marketplace that offers a direct connection between yacht owners and charterers.
Owners, Charter Brokers, Captains, Lawyers, Digital Marketing Experts have combined their knowledge and experience to imagine a highly innovative digital and mobile platform.
YOTHA offers a wide variety of yachts and superyachts carefully selected throughout the world and provides bespoke experiences.
Pioneers of this market, we have been granted the highest level of international compliance that guarantees a 100% secured reservation process.

Bring innovation to the yacht charter world

Aside from facilitating the charter yacht booking process, YOTHA also facilitates the journey on board, thanks to a revolutionary application. Captains are informed of their guests' requests and preferences in an easy and direct way. Guests have the opportunity to live a dynamic experience, discovering hidden gems and tailor-made itineraries. On entering our website, you will gain access to our impressive charter yacht collection and to our digital "Livre d'or" and get inspired by other guests' stories.

Our Clients expect and deserve perfection, every time

Clients' enchantment is YOTHA first priority. Therefore our team of passionate experts is always available to assist clients whenever necessary.
With YOTHA's exclusive attention to details, yacht chartering has never been so sophisticated yet easy to book.


YOTHA was founded by Philippe Bacou in 2016. After 15 years of chartering his own yachts, and having participated in the creation of several successful broker agencies, Philippe had the desire to offer an innovative platform to facilitate the chartering process. By applying digital technology which made it easier, more efficient and accessible for the Clients to book the charters on their own.
Philippe surrounds himself with experts of the Yachting, Chartering and Marketing industries, as well as IT technical specialists to create a unique and high-level blend of skills, knowledge and vision.
YOTHA's strength is deeply rooted in the understanding of the yacht charter industry, and its ability to implement a technical platform solution. Ready for smarter way to charter your yacht? Join us today!

The YOTHA team

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Philippe Bacou

Business Development

Service Quality and Customer Care

Administration and Finance

Marketing and Communication


1 - Interact with the decision makers & book your Yacht easily

Yotha wants to make it easy for anyone to find and book a Yacht for charter. Therefore we are very attentive to the user interface of our website.

The process is fully paperless, from the start of the booking to the end of the cruise, thanks to our web platform and to our application. While the web platform allows charterers and owners to list or to book yachts, the application is a powerful tool to avoid tedious paperwork, easily manage the APA, and benefit from extraordinary offers from our Partners. This application is unseen in the Yacht charter industry, and will make it easy and effortless to manage your booking before and during the charter.

2 - Full range of services

Great Customer Care

Luxury holiday deserve luxury assistance. That’s why our team of charter experts always take care through our dedicated hotline. We are here to solve any issue which may arise before, during or after your charter.
Take it easy and get in touch with the customer care department through the Yotha Application on your smartphone, or use any of the channels described below:

A wide range of partnerships

At Yotha, we believe that charterers deserve the best services. That is why we have partnered with several service providers in the luxury and yachting industry.
Depending from the chosen destination, we work together with the best local providers to provide extraordinary conciergerie service to the charterers.
We also work with an insurance provider, allowing us to offer cancelation and trip insurance to the charterers in a seamless process during the booking of a yacht.
Through our partnerships, we aim to deliver a superior Yachting experience to charterers, captains and owners.

3 - Share your feedback

Yotha allows the guests to share their experience after a charter. This helps owners increase the level of service quality that they provide to the charterers, and it helps charterers find the best yacht for their particular needs.
You may share your feedback by writing reviews and rating the yachts you have chartered.
The ratings and comments will help the persons looking for yachts to choose the most appropriate for their ideas of charter.

4 - Benefit from secure compliant transactions

Yotha takes security very seriously. We have worked hard to ensure that the transactions that go through our website are perfectly covered. This process includes several components:

A Bullet-proof information system

YOTHA's website has been developed with a specific care for security. This includes the flows of data from the users to our servers, and also the storage of such information.
Both are compliant with the norms applicable. Our servers are located throughout Europe, with most of them located in Switzerland.

Safe funds in escrow

Yotha is a regulated financial intermediary in Switzerland. As such, the funds sent to Yotha in the context of a charter are pushed to an escrow account. Therefore, they are isolated from the firm and depend only on the execution of the contract and not on our whim.
This is a very rare feature in the Yacht charter industry which brings more safety in the transaction.

Secure & safe transactions

Security has two main aspects: the IT side and the financial side. Yotha takes the utmost care with both sides of secure transactions.

Making safe financial transactions

We are an authorized financial intermediary
To ensure that transactions are safe from a financial point of view, we have obtained in 2016 an agreement to be a financial intermediary in Switzerland. Indeed, Yotha International S.A. is a recognized member of ARIF, a self-regulating body approved by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), and, in this respect, is duly authorized to engage in the business activity of financial intermediary referred to in article 2 paragraph, 3 AMLA.
We are therefore able to manage escrow accounts, which are a keystone of safe transfer of money in the frame of contracts such as those common in the yacht charter industry.
We are holding the amount of the transaction, as well as the APA, in dedicated escrow accounts. Therefore, this money is perfectly separated from Yotha, and cannot be claimed as assets by Yotha, if the firm was ever to be confronted to financial distress.
We partner with recognized third parties to provide the best services
In addition, we are partnering with experts in the banking and transaction industry to manage the transactions:

Cornercard:Credit Cards for APA
CornerCard is a swiss issuer of Visa and MasterCard credit cards. CornerCard is offered by Corner Bank, a swiss entity authorized by the FINMA to conduct banking activities. CornerCard was the first to issue Visa cards in Switzerland.

Stripe:Processing card payments
Stripe is a world leader in card payment processing. Stripe is an audited and certified PCI Service Provider Level 1, allowing them to process payments. They also encrypt data using state-of-the-art AES-256, protect communications using PGP. (Read more)

Both of these firms are well-established and recognized for the high standards of security they apply, as shown by the multiple certifications and awards they have received.

We build our platform with safety and security in mind

We are using technologies that are widely recognized as reliable and secure.
The main technologies we use are:

Amazon Web Services: Hosting
Amazon Web Services is the uncontested leader in cloud computing. The wide array of solutions they offer are scalable and reliable.

- Uncontested leader in Gartner's Magic quadrant [source] and IDC's MarketScape assessment [source]
- AWS has rigorous security protocols (Read more)

OVH: Hosting & Domain Names
OVH is the largest European infrastructure provider.

- Multiple international certifications such as PCI-DSS, ISO/IEC 27001, etc. (Read more)
- A strong security policy (Read more)

Yes, we also keep an open mind and follow attentively the trends on the market to keep an edge and we are ready to experiment with promising languages, technologies and new service providers.
In addition to that, we have a strict System development life cycle (SDLC) procedure, which forces each new feature to go through a rigorous process of specification, approval, development, test, and publication.